About the Conference

Neuro Device Group and co-organizers invite you to participate in the Fifth, Jubilee edition of Polish Eyetracking Conference.

We are proud to say that it’s the fifth year Polish Eyetracking Conference is organized. You can easily say that it entered permanently the calendars of people involved in eye tracking in Poland. Those of you who are with us from the beginning know that the first edition of the event took place at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. Since it is the jubilee edition, we decided to return straight to the roots – we are coming back to Lublin!. Co-organizers of the fifth edition are all of the former organizers: the Catholic University of Lublin Institute of Psychology, University of Warsaw Institute of Specialist and Intercultural Communication, University of Social Sciences and Humanities and, as a guest, Scandinavian Workshop on Applied Eye Tracking.

Oculography is a dynamically developing field in Poland, which is why we meet in ever larger group every year. Consequently, this time we decided to go international. This met with a strong positive reaction from the Scandinavian, German and Dutch eye tracking communities. Drawing on our experience from the previous editions, we also expect contribution from the Czech and Slovak communities. As a result Polish Eyetracking Conference would have a chance to become a perfect place for discussions on new research methods, exchanging experiences and ideas, and presenting results of your work to a wide audience of professionals. We hope that international nature of this year’s edition of the conference will help to initiate many interesting, inspired international projects.

Participants of this year’s conference will have an opportunity to get acquainted with presentation by the world’s famous researchers. Poster session is also planned.

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See you in April!

On behalf of the Organizers, Head of the Organizing Committee,
Paweł Soluch